Every skin care in the morning and in the evening starts with the cleansing:

In case of juvenile acne and skin impurities:

Using both hands, apply TAO cleansing gel or TAO syndet (both antimicrobial) evenly with circular movements to face, neck and décolleté. Rinse off thoroughly with tepid water until you notice the typical velvet feeling of the skin.

In case of adult acne:
In case of adult acne or dry skin with impurities you must avoid aggressive skin cleansing; by using TAO hydrophilic cleansing oil, antibacterial TAO cleansing gel or antibacterial TAO syndet  you remove straining environmental residues from the skin without leaching it out.. With TAO hydrophilic cleansing oil „like dissolves like“; in other words, sebum and oily residues are not removed with water, but with a hydrophilic (water soluble) cleansing oil, which does not dry out or irritate the skin.

TAO cleansing routine, care and additional treatment in case of acne (German language) [ PDF Download]

  • Then, without pressure, wipe and disinfect face and neck with TAO cleansing lotion on a cotton-wool pad.
  • Cover selectively with TAO antiseptic past.
  • Deep-cleansing once or twice a week with TAO peeling.
  • In the morning moisture with TAO aloe cream (calming, anti-inflammatory),
  • TAO natural cream (in case of adult acne against clogged pores),
  • TAO AV cream (antimicrobial against pimples and redness).
  • In the evening TAO alpha hydrolic acid 10% or 15%: dissolves blackheads and regulates the sebum

Skin area around the eyes: Regeneration with TAO balsam

Prophylaxis: TAO AV cream and TAO alpha hydrolic acid

Also in case of skin prone to acne and impurities allways maintain skin cleansing plus massage of the connective tissue. Care with TAO aloe cream or TAO natural cream! Little recidivism  you combat effectively with TAO AV cream (in the morning) and/or TAO alpha hydrolic acid 10/15% (in the evening)!
Energy requirement of the skin often increases in case of acne accompanied by redness and inflammation; adequate supply of vitamins A, C und E („antioxidant network“) is important. TAO Caps „all inclusive” capsules (contain all the important vitamins + mineral  nutrients for enhancement of lasting recreation and conservation of the skin).


What are the reasons for oily skin?

Hormones influence the amount and the composition of the sebum of the skin. Age-related and constitutional increase in sebum production (seborrhoe) results in quite different individual types of skin. Most of the adolescent persons notice the increase in sebum production due to the hormonal influence! Also in adulthood acne can flame up or  develop(so-called adult acne).

How can acne be treated by the doctor?

Nomerous active substances influence in several ways the stimulating factors of acne. By choosing the basis of the remedy (emulsion, gel, cream or milk), the doctor respects your individual type of skin. Severe acne can also be treated with tablets. Impurities due to hormonal influences can be improved in women via hormonal therapy by the doctor (e.g. oral contraceptives)

Can I improve impurities of the skin and acne by diet?

Some patients suffering from acne remark bettering or worsening of the skin after certain foods. A special diet for acne, beneficial for every acne patient, has never been proved! Nevertheless, restrain from certain foods, if you have experienced worsening of skin impurities, but enjoy the food which you tolerate!
Where do I get the best advice for care of the skin prone to impurities and acne?

You will get most effective advice from the dermatologists, in cosmetic institutes being associated with dermatologists and from specialist dermatological cosmeticians. Besides effective and well-tolerated products for skin cleansing and care you can obtain there treatments to support the medical therapy and help you to cope best with the signs of skin impurities or acne by adequate skin care.

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