Hints for the care of the skin area around the eyes:

Your hydrophilic cleansing oil works as an eye make up remover, too!
If you want to keep nice and to care effectively the skin area around the eyes, use eye cream during the day and caring eye balsam (sealing the skin like a night cream) during the night, so that your stressed eye lids can rejuvenate and do not evaporate the humidity.
With that you also support your skin according to your very own biological clock.

* * * * *

Sports also against tired eyes:

Tired eyes can get refreshed by special gym, which you please only do carry out in the proposed order:

Close your eyes and roll with the pupils 2x to the left – about the top – to the right – about the bottom. Open your eyes and firmly look at the tip of the nose for about 5 seconds. Then glance in the distance for about 10 seconds..

You can carry out this exercise occasionally during the day oder after the eye care. Repeating it five times will help activate tired eyes. Especially after work with display screen, long-timereading or watching TV.

* * * * *

In early life UV light sensitivity is ten times higher: the consistent use of an UV protection with sun protection factor 8 during the first 18 years of life can help reduce the liability for skin cancer in the old age to 80 %!

 * * * * *

Hints for a beauty-conducive sleep

• Dinner (including all beverages) should best be finished four hours before going to sleep. During this period restrain also from alcohol.
• 1-2 times  weekly “dinner cancelling ” (last little meal finished until 5 p.m., afterwards only mineral water or unsweetened herbal tea.
• No “nightcap”, no “bedtime sweets “.

* * * * *

Irritated skin in intimate areas?

Gynecologists suggest hydrophilic cleansing oil (in sufficent quantity: at this you needn´t be sparing) as well-tolerated „cleansing lotion“.
While caring with cream suitable for intimate area (like TAO natural cream = lamellar layer emulsion) all skin layers are refilled with caring oils similar to those found in the skin, so it is not only a superficial care .

* * * * *

I forgot my cream …?

It will happen to you here and there, that you miss some steps of your daily care routine or all the care.

Make it easy for you to catch up what you missed:

– Deposit one day cream at work.
– Actually you need three hand creams: one in the bath room,one in the kitchen, one in your handbag/in the car.
– Balsam for the lips and eyelids you need in the bath room and in the handbag / in the car.
– One hydrophilic cleansing oil, bath and shower oil and body lotion belong into the sports bag.

* * * * *