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MAN Eye Cream

Relaxing eyecare, softens small wrinkles and reduces swelling of the eyelid, with patent active system (Eyeseryl®-Tetrapeptid) in a LSE basis.

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Face Cream MAN

Abirritative men’s formula in a LSE basis with bioactive extracts: protection and care, calming in case of redness an inflammation, cooling after shaving. For nonstop anti-aging and sympathically matt finish.

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MAN Products

Alleviate typically male skin problems by means of combination with dermatologic-profile TAO products.

Propensity for impurities and redness
Cooling TAO cleansing lotion with bio-alcohol (lightly disinfecting) after the shaving, TAO face cream man in the morning, in the evening TAO AV cream.
Ingrown hair of the beard
In the morning TAO face cream man, in the evening TAO alpha hydrolic acid 10% or 15%.
Small wounds, pimples
TAO antiseptic paste as a pinpoint activity concentrate alleviates rapidly and unconspiciously.
Seborrhoeic dermatitis
In the morning TAO face cream man, in the evening TAO AV cream (antimicrobial).
Shaving injuries
TAO antiseptic paste selectively

The “small” differences:
Why do men need their own special care-concept?

Male skin:

  • about 20% thicker than female skin
  • pH value (5,5) somewhat lower, skin thereby
  • more robustdistinct lipid (sebum) layer makes male skin appear smoother, however more large-pored thus, together with stronger hairiness,
  • more tendency to acne, pimples, ingrown hair of the beard (reddened)
  • firmer connective tissue, higher collagen level
  • more perspiratory glands and sweating wrinkles appear at a later time, then deeper

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