Perioral Dermatitis


All skincare starts with cleansing:

If you suffer from perioral dermatitis you have to avoid aggressive cleansing; therefore remove straining environmental residues from the skin without leaching it out by using TAO hydrophilic cleansing oil.

Hereby „like dissolves like“, in other words, sebum and oily residues are not removed with water, but are completely removed with a water soluble cleansing oil, which does not cause irritation or reddening of the skin (unlike soap or alcohol-based lotion).

In case of perioral dermatitis the skin has become unbalanced: by the use of emulsifiers and preservatives more protective oily and sebum substances are removed from the skin (“leached out”) than can be replaced by means of a moisturizing emulsion.

Thus your TAO cleansing routine should start in the morning and in the evening (also in case of improved dermatitis and for after-treatment) with a “connective tissue massage”:

TAO cleansing routine, care and additional treatment in case of perioral dermatitis (German language) [PDF Download]

For care:
In the presence of acute inflammation, please apply merely the cream prescribed by your doctor. After healing

  • apply TAO moisturizing gel for day care,
  • seal with TAO natural cream, TAO vitamin cream (rich in vitamins) or TAO neutral cream,
  • during night-time, regenerate the face with TAO night cream (contains biotin) and
  • the eyelids with TAO balsam.
  • Weekly deep moisturization with TAO moisturizing mask (with atlantic seaweed).

Also for after-treatment and prevention from recurrence you should always carry out the skin cleansing plus the “massage of the connective tissue”.

Perioral dermatitis is a persistent condition; it takes 6-8 weeks until visible effects can be expected. Keep on avoiding moisturizing care products loaded with lots of preservatives and emulsifiers!

Rather it is recommended to use TAO natural cream as a care cream free from emulsfiers but containing lipids similar to those found in the skin.
Perioral dermatitis can also occur in other parts of the face, so the skin care hints should then be applied for the whole face!

In the beginning, care the reddened area around the eyes in the morning and in the evening with TAO balsam, for after-tratment apply in the morning TAO eye cream and in the evening TAO balsam onto the sensitive eyelids.

Hint: additional sun protection
Perioral dermatitis often does not tolerate UV exposure: Thus TAO Cosmetics recommends implicitly to apply caring TAO sun protection SFP 30 or 50+ plus TAO sun protection SPF 15 for the body.

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