Sun Protection


Your prevention from damages due to UV light and skin aging:

TAO SUN PROTECTION for summertime and wintertime

  • TAO sun protection SPF 15 (water-resistant) 200 ml as reliable all-round sun protection for the whole body and at any age
    • Highly effective combined UVA, UVB und IR protection for face and body.



  • TAO sun protection SPF 30 (water-resistant) 50 ml as effective premium UV ptotection for sensitive skin areas and strained skin
    • Highly effective combined UVA and UVB protection for face and body with sun protection factor 30.


  • TAO sun protection SPF 50+ (water-resistant) 50 ml as maximum effective premium UV protection for very sensitive skin areas and strained skin
    • Highly effective UVA and UVB protection for face and body with sun protection factor higher than 50.

How to use TAO sun protection products in your everyday skin care routine:

Following the cleansing routine with TAO hyrophilic cleansing oil and the subsequent follow-up cleansing with TAO cleansing lotion (regulates pH-value) indulge your skin and neck in ample TAO moisturizing gel (alternately TAO ampoule) and your TAO day care.

UV sensitive skin, specially with incipient damages due to sunlight (pigment spots, augmented small wrinkles and solar keratosis) requires instead of the day care
TAO sun protection SPF 15 (water-resistant), in case of damages caused by sunlight TAO sun protection SPF 30 (water-resistant) or in case of maximum UV sensitivity as well as following esthetic dermatological treatments TAO sun protection SPF 50+(water-resistant) under your TAO day cream. Do not restrict the protection to face, neck and décolleté, but protect every day during summertime from march until september  as well hands and forearm against sun and climate to prevent disturbing brownish sun-caused spots. Carry on regardless of the season in case of exposure to UV light and climate (high mountains, seaside, winter sports, winter sun, high wind).
Your skin does not „forget“ damages caused by light and climate as easily as you might do!

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